LUBBOCK, Texas — The American Red Cross South Plains Regional Chapter responds to disaster after disaster, whether from afar or with their feet on the ground. However, they said they need more volunteers to help with these recovery efforts.

In August, there were 33 house fires in the South Plains alone.  

“We’re really not resting because disasters happen all the time,” Deshun Avery, the Red Cross South Plains Regional Chapter Executive Director said.

Avery said they’re doing what they can to help people recover from these national and local disasters, even if they can’t physically be there. According to Avery, no one from the South Plains Red Cross location is in Hawaii, but they are helping from Lubbock through fundraising efforts. 

“We’re always looking not only to take care of Texas, but hurricanes are happening as we speak in different places. People are losing everything,” Avery said. “We come in and say, ‘What can we do to help?’”

However, Avery said they need more people to come volunteer.

“I could tell you we don’t have enough. We need volunteers. We need people to come out we need donations,” Avery said.

Especially with the expectation of increased fires from cold weather around the corner, they want to be prepared in the case of any disasters. Avery said they want to be ready to help people recover.

According to Avery, anyone can register to volunteer. New volunteers will go through a background check and training. They will then be able to help in areas that best match their skills.

If someone can’t volunteer, Avery said they can donate to a cause of their choice. He said every little bit helps. 

“We’re not able to do everything but we sure will try to do all we can to help,” Avery said.