LUBBOCK, Texas — South Plains Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SPEC) will host over 1,000 local fourth graders this week for electrical safety demonstrations.

According to a press release from SPEC, the program will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, October 11-13, from 9:30 a.m. to noon.

The demonstrations will take place at the SPEC’s North Office on the southeast corner of Interstate 27 and Municipal Drive in Lubbock.

The four-part program demonstrates the dangers of electricity and the technical skills required to be a lineman, SPEC said in the press release.

The four demonstration areas include:

• an arcing demonstration showing the danger of overhead power lines. SPEC employees use a mini-transformer/power line set up to demonstrate different dangers of contacting overhead power lines. The demonstration unit produces 7,200 volts, which is less voltage than an actual power line but produces sparks and fire, impressing the real danger of power line contact to the students.

• SPEC linemen demonstrating a pole-top and bucket truck rescue. The foreman expresses the importance of a quick response time when rescuing an injured crew member. He explains the procedure in detail, but also makes it clear that this is one procedure they hope they never have to practice in real life. Other SPEC employees demonstrate a bucket truck rescue. They explain and demonstrate how a crew must work together to get an injured crew member to the ground safely and quickly. They explain how crew members have less than five minutes to get an injured person to the ground and start cardiopulmonary resuscitation before the brain is damaged due to lack of oxygen.

• a lineman explaining the dangers of underground lines and padmount transformers. The popping noise of the electricity makes sure everyone’s attention is on the lineman.

• A fourth demonstration station featuring a safety video, “The Shocking Truth,” which helps students pull all of the safety information together.

This is the SPEC’s 22nd year of hosting the safety demonstrations, the press release said.

The students will also get a surprise visit from the Texas Tech Masked Rider.

For more information, you visit the South Plains Electric Cooperative, Inc. website.