LUBBOCK, Texas— The South Plains Fair will offer a ton of unique sweets, fried foods, drinks and more to those attending from September 22 to September 30. reached out to its KLBK viewers on social media and received recommendations on what foods and drinks are worth trying for those who have never been to the South Plains Fair.

Walking around the fair, going on the rides and competitively playing booth games with friends and family will definitely have your stomach growling.

Fueling your stomach will only be the answer to beating your friend’s at the ring toss game and not to mention the aromatic smells of fair food in the air.

Many of the annual fair-goers said it was a must to try anything on a stick. Cheese sticks, corn dogs, chicken on a stick, corn on the cob and many more were viewer’s top choices.

Although Turkey legs aren’t on a stick, it was a popular recommendation and a food fair staple. 
However, aside from the large turkey leg, there is also the infamous footlong corn dog people carry around to get the full experience.

There is nothing like fair food than purchasing deep fried foods, such as fried Snickers, fried green tomatoes and fried pies, said the post.

If you are in need of quenching your thirst after eating all the savory goods, regular fresh squeezed lemonade or strawberry lemonade was a top and only recommendation from our viewers.

And of course, you cannot miss out on funnel cake when attending the fair.