LUBBOCK, Texas — Kennedi Diaz lost her life at 16 years old from Neuro Endocrine Cancer Tumors after her passing, her family decided to honor her through a foundation “Kennedi’s Kicks 4 life.”

Sammy and Debbi Diaz, Kennedi’s parents, said this is something they are doing in her honor by giving away Jordan shoes.

“She wanted to do something for teenagers that you know, teenagers love shoes, especially Jordans,” Debbi said. Kennedi’s family told that Kennedi’s Kicks 4 Life is an effort that provides shoes for teens with cancer.

“The verse that is 2 Timothy 4:7 and it talks about running the race and that she finished, and she walked in their shoes,” Debbi said.

On Friday at UMC, 14-year-old Adrian Pinada, UMC Cancer Patient, was the first recipient of a new pair of Jordans from Kennedi’s foundation.

“This never really happened to me, someone giving me stuff. It’s just different,” Pinada, said.

Kennedi’s three siblings said they hope to see this foundation grow and shine light.

“I want to see it, like, not just being here in Lubbock but, like, go to like other hospitals. Like maybe reach like St. Jude’s and places like that and get her story out,” the Diaz family said.

The siblings said the main thing they want is for when they give out the shoes is to do it in a godly fashion.

“But like when they wear these, these shoes that they’ll be, you know. It’s a footprint for our faith,” Diaz family, said.

To hear more about Kennedi’s story and to donate you can click here as every donation helps fund a new pair of Jordans for teen cancer patients.