SHALLOWATER, Texas – Farmers across the South Plains took a hit this year due to the ongoing drought, but they were hopeful with a chance of rain in the weekend forecast. 

“It’s been tough. Obviously, we’ve been limited on rainfall,” said Jeremiah Duenes, Farmer of Duenes farm. 

Duenes relied heavily on irrigation this year, even switching crops to get through the season.

“We grow mainly cotton. This year, with the drought being so so tough, we made a switch to grain sorghum and fingers crossed on the impending rain that we may receive, It’ll definitely help finish this crop out,” said Duenes. 

Farmer, Barry Evans says his farm failed out their non irrigated crops early in the season, “It’s just a horribly dry year, our non irrigated crops, we failed them out early. We got a little bit of span, but there’s not much.”

Forecasts this week are showing chances of rain which farmers say is the push they need to get through the season. 

“We’re light enough in the season right now that the rainfall right now really will help our yields. It will help us finish out the crop I have left, and we can set some irrigation wells off and not spend a lot of  money, which is a big deal for us,” said Evans.