LUBBOCK, Texas — On Thursday, the 19th annual Unsung Heroes event honored five first responders in all they have done for the South plains.

Prosperity Bank and the Rotary Club of Metropolitan Lubbock started the Unsung Heroes event after the terrorist attacks back on 9/11. caught up with Lubbock Police Detective Jeffrey Buschman.

“I investigate all all manners of crimes that take place with juvenile victims. So some of the most vulnerable victims that that truly need help.” Buschman said.

Buschman said he can’t take all the credit, as he worked closely with his team, although he is very honored to have this award.

“Somebody said tonight that there’s so many people that that deserve this award, and that is absolutely true, you could pick out pretty much any any officer, EMT or fireman or DPS Trooper, and give the award to them,” Buschman said, “It’s kind of one of those maybe ‘right place right time.'”

Makenzie Means, Marketing Specialist for Prosperity Bank, says this is a great opportunity to hear about these first responders and how they impact the community.

“I think that we hear about our first responders and know what all they do in our communities, but to hear the stories that these individuals have just how they really just protect us and serve our communities.” Means said.

The five first responders who were honered were:

  • Lubbock Firefighter, Matt Dawson
  • Lubbock Police Jeffrey Buschman
  • EMS Paramedic Aaron Odom
  • DPS Trooper Drew Woodard
  • Lubbock County Sheriffs Civil Deputy Eddie Burton