South Plains Mall area sees growth and opening new stores

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LUBBOCK, Texas — The South Plains Mall area has grown by adding new restaurants, and they plan to open new stores inside their mall.

Ashley Knox, Senior Marketing Manager at South Plains Mall, said within the past five weeks, Bubba’s 33 and Uncle Julio’s have come on board, which have attracted more people to the area.

Knox said less than a dozen stores closed amid the pandemic but that new stores would open soon, and new movies are out at the movies are out at their movie theater for people to enjoy.

“Inside we are super excited to welcome Rainbow, the great lady’s retailer, they’re down by the south side of the property by JCPenny and then Fly Kicks, they offer vintage retro footwear,” said Knox. “Coming up, we’ve got a new store joining us called Knock Our Wear which is an array of clothing from brands like Hurley and Oakleys, Cinch, all kinds of outerwear accessories.”

Knox said the mall is still requiring mask wear and is still adhering to strict cleaning standards to keep guests safe.

Marco Vasquez, a managing partner at Bubba’s 33, said their business has been doing well and that their opening in mid-March is one of the busiest openings in their company’s history.

“It was just the right combination of circumstances that happened, said Vasquez. “Being part of the South Plains Mall in the same area, of course going to 100 percent [occupancy], with that we opened up during Spring Break.”

Vasquez said there were staffing challenges in the beginning to meet the high influx of customers but that they have adjusted to meet the demands.

“I think really in all honestly as people getting out and about, we learn with them as well, and so it’s been a really great time for us,” said Vasquez.

Vasquez said the restaurant is taking precautionary steps to keep people safe by requiring their employees to wear masks and that their sanitization practices are still in play.

Knox said with all the new dining and shopping experiences, it’s always best to be cautious and keep shopping bags out of plain sight by putting them in trunks or hidden.

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