LUBBOCK, Texas — Folks from around Lubbock and surrounding, more rural areas met on Thursday for one reason, according to Greg Thompson, CEO of Amerigroup and a board member for Texas Broadband Now. 

“We need to have broadband access in every community in Texas, whether that’s in Spearman, Dimmitt, Kermit, Midland, Odessa or right in the heart of Dallas Fort Worth,” declared Thompson. 

Supporters, like Thompson, at the meeting are hoping Texans pass Proposition Eight. The amendment is one of 14 others on the ballot here in Texas. It would allow the state to put $1.5 billion towards creating infrastructure needed for millions of folks to get reliable broadband access.

“That’s what this fund is going to do, is leverage the private sector and some of the co-ops and some of the things that are already out into those rural areas in a way that they can actually develop it and install it and then actually have it affordable,” said State Senator, Charles Perry in favor of the proposition. 

Supporters at the event said that with technology use at an all-time high, this legislation is more important than ever for things like telehealth, education and more. 

“Broadband is not an option,” said Senator Perry. “It’s a necessity, and it’s a requirement for communities to survive and grow and be a part of our world in Texas.”

If you want to learn more about Proposition Eight, or the other 13 propositions on the ballot, before you head out to vote on Friday or on Tuesday, you can head here for more resources.