LUBBOCK, Texas — According to South Plains Wildlife, Lubbock is no stranger to possums. There have been over a hundred possums that have gone through the wildlife center.

People in Lubbock and the sports community were shocked when a possum charged across the field at Texas Tech’s football game against TCU last Thursday, begging the question of where it came from.

Gail Barnes with South Plains Wildlife said the number of possums depends on the weather.

Barnes said she went back and looked at the figures for 2022 and “we had 223 [possums] come to the wildlife center. This year so far, we have 119 that have come through the wildlife center. A lot of it depends on the amount of food.”

Barnes explained that increased rainfall results in more food, which in turn attracts possums.

“They are the most misunderstood mammal around,” Barnes said. “A lot of people do not want their prehistoric to have more teeth than any mammal, but they have so many good qualities. They eat the insects, they eat the little bitty snakes, all kinds of bugs. So you don’t have to worry about, you know, any bugs if you have possums in your yard. They also get along and cohabit with cats.”

Barnes said people who do not want unwelcomed guests, such as possums, should avoid leaving food out for strays or in the trash cans.