Southwest Airline cancellations impact Lubbock travelers

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LUBBOCK, Texas — Southwest Airline flights cancelled across the nation also affected travelers at the Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport.

On Monday, Southwest Airlines released a statement and said causes for their cancellations were created by weather and other external constraints that lingered on into the rest of the weekend. The airline said the disruptions in operation were not a result of employee demonstrations.

One Lubbock woman said she was packed and ready to head out to Vegas on Sunday and received a text message from Southwest on Saturday at midnight that her flight had been cancelled.

“I looked to see if I could get flights out, Midland or Amarillo,” she said. “Everything was booked and I called Southwest and was on hold with them for like four hours and finally I thought they answered me and the call failed.”

Joe Jimenez said he was on the plane, headed to California to celebrate his wife’s birthday on Saturday when he was pulled off the plane without explanation.

Jimenez said his luggage was somehow sent out and that he is concerned because it contained all his medications that control his diabetes and high blood pressure.

“I just haven’t been taking it. I don’t have anything to take it,” said Jimenez, “I have to end up going to the doctor sometime today to see if he’ll give me another prescription. You know, pay another copay.”

Jimenez said he was trying to be patient and work with the airline to get to his family.

“They [said] maybe Wednesday or Thursday he might be able to get out of here,” said Jimenez.

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