LUBBOCK, Texas — The Lubbock County District Attorney, Sunshine Stanek, requested a special prosecutor to look into allegations by Dolcefino Consulting. Wayne Dolcefino represents former Texas Tech Head Football Coach Mike Leach.

Among other things, Dolcefino accused Texas Tech of illegally withholding public records.

“Last week I presented a motion to recuse to a local district court judge and that was granted,” Stanek wrote on Tuesday morning. To recuse is a fancy way of saying to be excused from a case because of conflict or even the perception of a conflict.

“As of this morning I have forwarded the recusal and request for special prosecutor to the Administrative Judge for our region,” Stanek wrote.

Wayne Dolcefino

“Key records in the Leach case are now missing and this coverup must end,”
Dolcefino said in a written statement. “The appointment of a special prosecutor and the beginning of a criminal investigation is a step in the right direction.”

Dolcefino filed a lawsuit in January 2018 to force Texas Tech (and the Texas Attorney General) to turn over records. That lawsuit is still ongoing.

Leach was fired in December 2009. He was accused of mistreating a player – which Leach denies.

Leach claimed he was fired the day before he would have been owed $800,000 in longevity. Later he claimed that Texas Tech owed him $2.4 million. Leach sued Texas Tech for the money and lost. The lawsuit by Dolcefino for the records is still pending. did leave a message with a spokesman for Texas Tech. If TTU wants to comment, an update will be provided.