LUBBOCK, Texas — On Wednesday afternoon, State Senator Charles Perry advocated for Lubbock to become a sanctuary city for the unborn at a news conference at the Church of the Blessed International.

Senator Perry explained the city ordinance he is working to get passed in Lubbock. He said it will make conducting abortions in the city punishable by a city lawsuit.

“It basically says there is a $2000 civil penalty for any provider, physician or anyone who would be doing it,” said Senator Perry. “It exempts the mom and creates additional standing for lawsuits – so a grandparent or someone in that family can actually sue.”

This comes after Planned Parenthood announced it would open a location to serve the Lubbock community by the end of the year.

“They brought the battle back. I didn’t create this. I didn’t go looking for it,” Perry said. “They showed up and said, ‘We’re coming back to Lubbock.’ So, upon that notification in the employment, they were looking for hired positions, I decided that’s something we shouldn’t just let happen.”

Senator Perry said during an opening prayer he wanted Lubbock citizens to be able to say that as a community, and being from Lubbock, Texas, we stood against the killing of an innocent baby.

“This is the issue of our lifetime,” Perry said.

Senator Perry explained the ordinance has already been adopted by 14 other cities in Texas.

“Seven of them were challenged by the ACLU,” said Senator Perry. “The ACLU dropped the suit after a few modifications to the ordinance and walked away.”

Senator Perry said that Director of the Right to Life in East Texas, Mark Lee Dickson drafted the ordinance. He said he will actively oppose Planned Parenthood if it comes to Lubbock.

“This is something that needs to be decided now,” said Dickson. “It needs to be put on the agenda it needs to be put up for a vote, and if the Mayor and City Council wanted to prevent the murder of innocent children in this city then they need to pass this ordinance.”