LUBBOCK, Texas— It has been seven months since 4-year-old Cor’nelius Carrington was killed in a 2021 drive-by shooting in East Lubbock.

Despite an ongoing investigation to find those responsible for his death, Lubbock Police have not made any arrests in his case.  

His granny, Miss Wanda Benson, spoke with EverythingLubbock about her grandson and his memory.

Cor’nelius was a preschooler at Rise Academy who loved superheroes. According to Miss Wanda, he was a fan of The Hulk and Spiderman, but his latest obsession was dinosaurs.

 “When he switched to the dinosaurs everyone was getting eaten up in the house,” Miss Wanda said. “You’d be walking by and grab your leg like he’s really biting it”

At the end of the 2021-22 school year, Cor’nelius was given an honorary award at his school’s award ceremony which was covered with dinosaurs.

This award was one of many things done to honor the memory of Cor’nelius. A portrait was painted and given to the family as a gift as well as a memorial bench was placed at his preschool.

Miss Wanda says that she cries to herself when she’s at home by herself because she sees and hears his voice.

“I see his face I hear his voice,” Miss Wanda said. “He always took a bath in my bathroom, and I see him in there swimming with dinosaurs I just miss him so much.”

Miss Wanda says Cor’nelius didn’t deserve this and if she could turn back time “I would, so I don’t have to feel like this.”

“It’s very hard and Cor’nelius was a sweet little boy” Miss Wanda said . “He used to tell me all the time granny ‘I’m Black and I can do anything’ and I said ‘you right you can do anything.’

Cor’nelius was described by those who knew him as an angel on earth.