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LUBBOCK, Texas — Over Labor Day weekend, Stacy Johnson’s moped bike was stolen from her apartment complex. However, little did the thief know that the bike was a lot more than just a mode of transportation for her.

When her father, James ‘Jimmy’ Self, passed away after battling cancer in January of 2019, she bought the bike in memory of him.

“I got the bike because he’d always said when I was growing up, I rode my bicycle around everywhere,” said Johnson. “So he would always tell me I needed to get a motor under me. And he was a motorcycle enthusiast his whole life. And he was almost offended by the fact that I just rode a bicycle with no engine in it.”

However, when she walked outside her apartment on the morning of Saturday, September 5 the bike was gone from the parking lot. Unfortunately, there were no security cameras to catch the thief in action.

“I always go around to check on my bike in the mornings and I was on a bicycle… and when I rode by and saw that it was gone, I nearly fell off my bicycle. I was just in shock,” said Johnson.

She filed a police report, posted on social media and reached out to neighbors. She’s gotten a few tips here and there, but she still has not gotten her bike back.

“I’ve gone on social media, I’ve gone on Facebook, I’ve gone on Twitter. I’ve gone on Reddit. I’ve posted pictures everywhere,” said Johnson. “I’ve given as much detail as I can about about the bike, I have received some tips from the community. Everybody has been very generous and gracious with information and their time and helping me try to find it.”

The most difficult part of losing the bike isn’t losing her mode of transportation — Johnson said she doesn’t mind cycling or walking.

“The loss of this bike and not only just the practical issue that it was my main mode of transportation, it just it brought the whole loss of my dad back again,” she said.

While the bike is insured, Johnson said that she doesn’t want to file a claim. She’d rather just have her bike, along with the memories of her father, than the money.

“It’s not even about money. It’s not even something that money could fix. I just, I really hope I can… I hope I can get it back,” said Johnson. “I know if he were here today, he would probably tell me to get a bigger bike. But I want my scooter. I want my scooter back because it reminds me of him.”

If you have any information on the missing bike, you can reach out to Stacy Johnson on Facebook or contact the Lubbock Police Department.

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