LUBBOCK, Texas – Football and stage musicals are common in high schools, and some Lubbock-Cooper High School football players got to tackle a new role in their school’s production of Footloose.

Running back Kaleb Stripling and offensive line Jaquim Rodriquez get to balance sports and scripts, showing they bring many talents to the stage.

“Well, not too many people know, but I’m also in choir, and I like the musical background–so getting to interact with different people but also do the same thing has been a really good experience, so that’s why I wanted to do it,” Stripling said.

To these athletes, football and theater may not seem too different.

“We like to have fun over there, and we like to have fun over here,” Stripling said.

“I don’t think we’re all monsters. We all have hearts, so we’re all here too,” said Rodriguez.

Castmates with different skill sets and backgrounds were able to work together to put on the musical production.

“We come together as a cast, and we help each other out for our faults – for our betterments, so I think that’s amazing for them,” said LCHS student and Footloose Lead Benjamin McLarty.

Whether you have seen them on the field or the stage, it is clear these athletes have talent.

“They’re not shy, so them getting up on stage and singing and doing all stuff is not a surprise to us,” LCHS head coach Chip Darden said.

You can watch Footloose the Musical at the Lubbock-Cooper Performing Arts Center on January 29 at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.