Students taking precautions following assault cases on campus

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LUBBOCK, Texas — Students at Texas Tech University said they are on high alert following one sexual assault and an attempted assault on campus.

Students Brookley Schroeder and Katelyn Barker said they are on edge.

“With all this going on, it definitely does keep you more aware,” Barker said.

Another student, Abi McVaney, said she shares some concerns as well.

“Really not wanting to be out on campus late. I also kind of feel like it’s a big worry that there’s not a lot of lights on campus,” McVaney said.

The students said they do what they can to stay safe, which includes carrying pepper spray or sharing their location with family and friends via cell phone apps.

“I have concealed carry in my car,” McVaney said.

The students said following the incidents, they believe they will pay even more attention to their surroundings.

Chad Hinkle, a chief master instructor and owner of West Texas Karate said situational awareness is critical.

“Just understanding what’s around you, and where you’re at, and who’s around you,” Hinkle said.

He adds people should always have a plan.

“What do I have in my hands? Is it going to help me or hinder me?” Hinkle said. “If you choose to defend yourself, then you defend yourself. Be fierce and be loud.”

Texas Tech campus police advise students to report anything unusual they see on campus.

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