SUDAN, Texas — A Sudan High School football player is now at home recovering after a scary injury that left him unconscious during the November 4 game against Ralls.

Jeremiah Castillo, a Junior, plays center and defensive end for the Hornets. He said he lives and breathes football, but he experienced one of the scariest moments of his life in that game.

“All I did was wake up and see everyone around me. But I know as soon as I woke up, I was in so much pain,” Castillo explained. “It was a scary situation. It really was.”

He said it was in the fourth quarter, with about eight minutes left. He went in for a tackle, and he can’t pinpoint exactly what happened. However, after the tackle, he was on the ground unconscious for one minute.

Castillo’s mom, Amy Ronneburg, said they watched the play over and over from several angles, but still aren’t sure what it was that left him on the ground like that.

“One time, we thought maybe he hit his head on the floor. Another time we thought maybe the Rall’s kids knee hit his neck. And then another time we thought he went head-to-head with somebody else,” she explained.

Castillo said he had a terrible concussion and is still feeling some of those symptoms. “[The doctors] said it was swollen, and that it’s going to take a while for it to heal. They don’t know exactly what it is, but that it’s swollen, and I’m bruised up,” he added.

His dad, John said he ran over to him once he realized who the player was. Once he reached him, he was still unconscious but woke up shortly after.

“I didn’t know how to react,” Amy added.

Jeremiah has played football since he was in seventh grade. He said this injury won’t stop him from getting back on the field.

“Going into football, you sign a mental contract that you understand the consequences that are going to come with football,” he explained. “I pray for the best on my healing recovery because not being on that field is mentally draining me.”

Sadly, Castillo won’t be on the field for playoffs, but he’s ready to be out there on the sideline to support his teammates. Sudan will take on Ropes this Friday in Slaton at 7:00 p.m.