LUBBOCK, Texas — One Lubbock woman has put up quite the fight after finding out she was pregnant and then receiving confirmation that she has breast cancer.

Rebeca Rodriguez is 36 years old, and a mother of now four. She said it was nearly one year ago that she felt something was wrong.

“I usually sleep face down, on my stomach, and I thought maybe I had slept over something,” she explained. What she felt, was a lump in her breast.

It was a long process for her to get checked and schedule a mammogram. By that time, she said she had suspicions that she was pregnant. On Easter, she learned of her positive pregnancy test, and on Mother’s Day, it was confirmed she had breast cancer.

For doctors, this is a unique case and something they don’t see very often. Rebeca’s oncologist, Dr. Ibrahim Shalaby said it’s the fifth one he’s seen in his twenty-year career.

“It’s a little bit tricky when somebody’s pregnant because there’s lots of changes happening during the pregnancy with the hormone levels surging,” he explained.

He said the first trimester is a time that no chemotherapy or radiation can take place. So, Rebeca ended up receiving four rounds of chemo in her second and third trimesters. She then had a mastectomy immediately after.

She said this was something very hard for her. “I feel like part of having a baby is holding him and being able to feed him. And I couldn’t do that anymore,” she added.

Through all of it, though, she delivered a healthy baby boy 34 weeks this last weekend on Sunday.

She said, “God knew I needed someone to be with me. So, it’s like he’s my partner in crime,” and added, “having a healthy baby to me; I just had to see that, I had to hold him in my arms.”

Now, this mom of four wants everyone to remember how important it is to perform self-examinations. “You should listen to your body, and don’t ignore anything no matter how little it may seem.”

Her baby is doing great in the NICU. While the tumor was removed in her mastectomy, she’ll start radiation in about a week and will then move on to preventative chemo.