LUBBOCK, Texas — The Texas State Teachers Association said the influx of Amazon teacher wish lists made this year is a sign of a much larger need.

Funding for Texas public schools comes from two sources; local property taxes and state dollars. Texas guarantees every school district a certain amount of funding for each student. 

State lawmakers determine that amount.

The association called on legislators to direct more funds to education and the teachers themselves.

“I can assure you crayons, glue sticks like that are much cheaper than what they’ve provided during the pandemic.” said Clinton Gill with the TSTA. “If we saw that they could do it, then we know that they can do it now. And we’re just calling them to provide that, especially with the billions of dollars in surplus that they’re going to have.”

The Education Law Center’s study on school funding landed Texas with an F and in the bottom ten states for funding differences, district to district.

The TSTA said when the next legislative session begins in January, they will make their need known.