Survivors of genocide sharing their stories – “we are living proof of atrocities”

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LUBBOCK, Texas — The Museum of Texas Tech unveiled their latest exhibit called “Narratives of Genocide,” which features 14 different survivor stories. Their words and images are posted all across the museum walls as they warn future generations against the atrocities’ humanity can commit.

“They rounded all of us up, stripped us naked, and bound us to each other with rope,” said Gilbert Tuhaboyne, a Burundi genocide survivor. “I watched as group by group, my friends were burned alive, as I waited for my turn.”

Tuhaboyne was escaped being burned alive during the Tutsi-Hutu war of Burundi. Sichan Siv, a Cambodian genocide survivor, was captured and spent a year forced into hard labor. Both of them want the world to know, that they – along with thousands of others, are the faces of genocide.

“After World War II people always said ‘never again, never again,’ but it has happened repeatedly,” Siv said. “I lost my whole family, my mother, my brother, their children, and we are living proof of what people say could ‘never happen again.’

“Narratives of Genocide” will be held at The Museum of Texas Tech until Febuary 2020.

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