The Texas Department of Public Safety said a wanted suspect from Mississippi led officers on a chase Thursday morning in Lubbock and Lubbock County.  

DPS said a Trooper pulled over Christopher Thompson and his passenger along Highway 62/82 near the Children’s Home of Lubbock.  

DPS said as the Trooper was approaching the van, Thompson drove off.

DPS officers then chased Thompson to Marsha Sharp Freeway and Interstate 27 where he caused a crash.  

That particular crash caused Lubbock Police to close the exit ramp at MSF and I-27.  One person was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries. 

DPS said Thompson may have wrecked a red van into as many as five other vehicles.  The chase continued to an area east of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Kent Street.  Thomas abandoned the van and ran near a farm house where he was caught and arrested.   

Thompson was wanted for a parole violation, DPS said. The passenger is not charged with a crime at the time of this report. 

“If you have any fresh damage on your vehicle from a red van, you might want to contact DPS or LPD.  LPD is investigating the crashes in Lubbock,” said Lieutenant Bryan Witt.

UPDATE: The name given to us at the scene was Thomas. The story has been updated to reflect the name Thompson.