LUBBOCK, Texas — An arrest warrant on Tuesday provided new details into the deadly shooting of Alberto Garza, Sr., 68, Sunday night in Lubbock. Timothy Lovato, 42, suffered serious injuries in that same shooting in the 500 block of 79th Street. Joshua Walker, 44, of Lubbock County was arrested Monday and charged with murder.

A police report said a woman called 911 to say her husband was shot. Officers found Lovato with a gunshot wound.

The arrest warrant said Lovato heard an argument between the shooter and his neighbor. According to the warrant, Lovato “heard gunshots, then observed he was shot.”

Lovato told investigators he thought the shooter was Hispanic. The warrant said Walker “could appear Hispanic in low light situations.”

Officers went next door and found Garza dead in his home with the front door open. A doorbell video led officers to a description of a box truck, which then led them to Walker. (Police later said they need help from the public to locate the truck.)

A portion of the warrant said:

“Joshua Walker advised he was at home all day on December 26, 2021, drinking heavily. Joshua Walker then advised it was possible that he left the residence but was so intoxicated that he could not remember what he did. Joshua Walker advised he could have been the only one that used the box truck that day. Joshua Walker advised he did not know if he killed Alberto Garza Sr. Joshua Walker admitted to owning firearms in the same caliber located on scene and admitted to owning a white box truck which was described by witnesses.”

Walker’s uncle also talked to investigators. Walker told his uncle he thought he killed someone, according to the warrant.

Another witness quotes Walker after the shooting as saying “I f***ed up” repeatedly.

According to the warrant, Walker drove the box truck out into the county and left it. Prosecutors requested that Walker’s bond be set at $500,000.

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