LUBBOCK, Texas– A police report on Monday revealed more information about a shooting at a Lubbock apartment that left one person seriously injured Saturday.

Police responded to a report of multiple shots fired at an apartment in the 2600 block of Milwaukee Avenue, according to Lubbock Police.

The victim, Joshua Aguilar, was lying on the floor of the apartment and “appeared to have been shot multiple times,” the report said.

Aguilar was taken to University Medical Center with serious injuries but was since reported in stable condition, according to police.

LPD: One hospitalized with serious injuries in early morning shooting

Aguilar’s girlfriend told the officer on the scene that she and Aguilar came home to the apartment at approximately 10:30 p.m. and saw their back door was kicked in.

Neither Aguilar nor his girlfriend called the police.

While Aguilar and his girlfriend called a family friend to help them fix the door, a suspect knocked on the door. When the suspect was confronted, he got into a dark-colored passenger car with two other suspects and left, according to police.

A short time later, the report said, Aguilar’s girlfriend was in the bedroom when she heard “subjects attempting to kick in the front door.” Aguilar was confronted again by the three suspects, but they fled the scene again.

Then, at approximately 4:45 the following morning, police said the suspects attempted to kick down the front door again. When Aguilar went to the door, the suspects fired multiple shots from a firearm.

The girlfriend told police she heard Aguilar “screaming in pain.”

Furthermore, Aguilar’s girlfriend told police he had a lockbox in the bedroom, but she did not know what was in it.

Police secured a search warrant for the apartment and located the lockbox in the bedroom. Inside the lockbox, there were narcotics and money.