Lubbock Police arrested Dimitrice Lyghts, 22, of Lubbock Tuesday afternoon after a three-hour standoff at a home in the 2300 block of 92nd Street.  Lyghts was indicted in August by a federal grand jury for sex trafficking of a child. 

His codefendant Marcelia Sanchez pleaded guilty last year.  Sanchez faces up to five years in prison and will be sentenced at a later date.

A spokeswoman for the Lubbock Police Department said, “At first he would not leave the residence.”

“The reason it took so long is because there were other people in the home as well as a small child. So, our SWAT team had to exercise extreme caution because of the child but he eventually came out around 3:40 [P.M.],” she said.

Federal court records said in June of 2016, Sanchez agreed to help Lyghts advertise a girl he was prostituting.  The next day Sanchez learned the girl was underage.

Court records quoted Lyghts as telling Sanchez, “Honestly, I don’t care how old she is as long as she’s making me money.”

The underage girl was instructed to “engage in commercial sex acts” with men at local hotels.  Lyghts gave the girl pills of ecstasy according to the records.

Lyghts was actually arrested in the summer of 2016, posted bond and then the case was sent to federal prosecutors.  Since that time, he has was not located until Tuesday’s incident.