LUBBOCK, Texas — As the holidays inch closer, the season of Porch Pirates is here. The Lubbock Police Department talked about the statistics and ways you can avoid being a victim.

The Lubbock Police Department told that packages get stolen year-round, but November and December are the months that porch pirates go door to door.

“It’s common that people shop online and have those things delivered straight to their home…
People order maybe more than they normally would or higher priced items, you know, as opposed to the regular monthly deliveries…” Lt. Brady Cross with the Lubbock Police Department, said.

Lt. Cross said these thieves tend to get put on social media or apps like Nextdoor.

“A lot of times people do have it captured on surveillance video. And that helps us solve those cases,” Lt. Cross said.

Lubbock Police gathered statistics that show how low these cases have gotten over the years:

  • December 2020, there were 27 porch pirate cases
  • November 2021, there were 6 porch pirate cases
  • December 2021, there were 9 porch pirate cases

Lt. Cross said that when ordering a package, you should always take precautions.

“If it’s an option, you can send it to where you work, you know, a place that you know, you’ll be during the day so that it doesn’t sit unattended on your porch. You can send it to family or friends or ask a neighbor. Another option is just shopping locally, going into a store here in town and, and buying in person,” Lt. Cross said.