Following past trends, the Texas Anti-Gang Center (TAG) has had a busy summer investigating gang activity in Lubbock. 

“Summer is our busiest time, that’s when we’re responding to the most calls and conducting the most investigations,” said Sgt. Jared Oliver, with the Texas Anti-Gang Center.

According to TAG, there are currently 73 different gangs in Lubbock, with 13 new gangs since 2017. There are more than 1,400 members.

On average, they said the gang members range in age from 15 to 40-years-old.

Oliver said a big reason people join gangs is to sell drugs or participate illegal drug activity. In many cases, this leads to violence, he said.  

Oliver says there’s definitely an increase in investigations and gang activity during the summer months. He says a trend TAG is focusing on this summer are hybrid-gangs.

“The juveniles today are going away from the traditional gang lines that the older generation followed with the identifiable leadership and a little more structure,” Oliver said. “The juvenile or hybrid gangs today are a little more loosely structured.” 

To report suspicious activity or learn more about the Texas Anti-Gang Center, visit or call 806-775-7299.