LUBBOCK, Texas (KAMC) — Are you a fan of South Plains politics? Here are your Talking Points for this week.

Randy Christian may no longer be a member of the Lubbock City Council, but he’s going to get to the finish line on one of his pet projects. We’ll have an update on McAlister Park development project.

Indictments and whistleblowers might doom a lot of politicians. We’ll take a look at why voters in Texas just don’t care when it comes of Ken Paxton.

Former U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson, was in the Hub City this past week as the guest speaker for a fundraising luncheon for the South Plains Council, Boy Scouts of America. We caught up with Dr. Carson.

Also, we’ll have a recap all the local, state and national political news of the past week.

Lubbock Mayor Tray Payne and Lubbock County Court of Law #2 candidate Tom Brummett are Bryan’s guests this week

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