LUBBOCK, Texas (KAMC) — Are you a fan of South Plains politics? Here are your Talking Points for this week.

Could the recent tragedy in Uvalde turn the tides in Washington or Austin? While our Texas representatives will decide what changes, our teachers are the ones who will live with those decisions. We sit down with the Texas State Teachers Association to hear how they believe things should change and take an inside look at the politics and policy.

A new Lubbock City Council means new ideas for our city streets. This time, councilmembers are leaving it directly up to us. We’ll hear from the City of Lubbock on how they plan to give us a plan that can get through the voters this November.

Also, we’ll have a recap all the local, state and national political news of the past week.

Scott Braddock and Clinton Hill are our guests on the broadcast. Braddock is a journalist and political analyst based in Austin. Hill is an Organizational Development Specialist with the Texas State Teachers Association.

Talking Points with Bryan Mudd airs Sundays on KAMC.

You can watch the broadcast in the video player above this article.