LUBBOCK, Texas — The tall weeds and grass that have rapidly grown after the long awaited rainfall in Lubbock have created the need for front yards to be maintained.

Any yard that has uncultivated vegetation growing 8 inches and over is a violation of city ordinance.

“They will be asked to mow it, if they don’t mow it. And we will send a contractor and bill them for actually mowing it along with an administration fee.” Stuart Walker, Code Administration Director, said.

Walker said even though they are appreciative of the rain, the fine starts at $200 and said the uncultivated vegetation is not good for the environment.

“[Uncut grass and weeds] provides habitat for defectors, a disease like insects, wildlife, things like that,” Walker said. “The other thing in preparation of winter, as vegetation dies, if it’s not cut down, it becomes a fire hazard.”

Bobby Rangel is the Owner of Rangel’s Lawn Service and he said business has picked up in the last few weeks and has seen a 50% extra growth than regular.

“Rainwater just naturally seems like fertilizer is a lot better than city water does. city water just doesn’t give it the growth like rainwater does. And so, everything’s just bursting out right now.” Rangel said.

Rangel reccomends that you keep your yard on a schedule.

“…like a weekly or bi weekly service so it doesn’t get out of hand…” Rangel said.

Rangel told that if you cant mow your yard just make sure that your weeds are sprayed.

“…you will always have probably at least 50% easier time mowing your property than yard with weeds because it just gets in the deck of your mower and you can’t get it done.” Rangel said.

Walker said there is no typical perfect yard, but people cannot just have weeds in their yard.

If you are located in South Lubbock Rangel’s Lawn Service will be able to help you with your yard.