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LUBBOCK, Texas — The Texas Education Agency released grades for the 2018-2019 school year Thursday morning.

According to the TEA website, school districts are graded based on student achievement, school progress and closing the gaps.

Lubbock ISD scored an overall B. Lubbock-Cooper ISD also scored a B overall and Frenship ISD scored an A.

More specifically, Lubbock ISD’s overall rating was 86. In the three categories, student achievement is an 80 out of 100, school progress is 88 and closing the gaps grade is 81 out of 100. The overall grade is a nine point increase from last year, which was 77.

Out of 60 school districts in the region, 21 districts received an ‘A’ rating, 34 received ‘B’ ratings, five received ‘C’ ratings and only one district received a ‘D’ rating.

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‘Student Achievement’ indicates how much students know and are able to do at the end of the school year. ‘School Progress’ shows how students perform over time and how growth compares to similar schools. ‘Closing the Gap’ shows how well different populations of students are performing in a district.

Among the best rated schools in the region, Jayton-Girard ISD scored an overall grade of an A at 97. Among the worst is Wilson ISD with a D at 67. The grade is a six point drop from the 2017-18 school year from 73.

Wilson ISD said they would be appealing the grade, and said the score is so low due to numerical issues.

“Frenship ISD is proud to see improvement and receive the highest letter grade,” an official statement said. “However, no test or single letter grade can accurately reflect the complexities of educating a student or the numerous accomplishments received by students and staff each year.”

Frenship said the focus is on individual students instead of a state-issued letter grade.

Lubbock ISD Superintendent Kathy Rollo, Ph.D. said although STAAR grades are a large part of the grade, she does like the grading system.

“One of the things I like about this new accountability but it also does take into account college and career readiness,” Rollo said.

Rollo also mentioned she is happy for the other districts in the Lubbock area for their scores as well.

“I am so excited for both districts. We obviously need to focus on ourselves and the children tha we serve in our community,” Rollo said.

Lubbock-Cooper ISD, in their statement, said the accountability rating is based on a single testing day, and does not accurately account for the growth and success of their students.

“Unfortunately, this particular rating system is designed to highlight potential shortcomings rather than commend excellence. For example, Lubbock-Cooper ISD originally received an overall score of 92, or an “A” rating, based on the average scores of all nine of our campuses. Because one campus in the district received a failing grade, the district’s score was artificially lowered to 89 so as to prevent the district from receiving an “A” rating; current scoring policy prohibited our district from receiving the rating our students and teachers earned.”

ABERNATHY ISD                                                A

AMHERST ISD                                                     B

ANTON ISD                                                         B

BORDEN COUNTY ISD                                     A

BROWNFIELD ISD                                             C

COTTON CENTER ISD                                       B

CROSBYTON CISD                                             B

DAWSON ISD                                                     C

DENVER CITY ISD                                              B

FLOYDADA ISD                                                   B

FRENSHIP ISD                                                     A

GUTHRIE CSD                                                     A

WHITHARRAL ISD                                             A

HALE CENTER ISD                                             B

IDALOU ISD                                                         A

JAYTON-GIRARD ISD                                       A

KLONDIKE ISD                                                    A

LAMESA ISD                                                        B

LEVELLAND ISD                                                  B

LITTLEFIELD ISD                                                 A

LOCKNEY ISD                                                      B

LOOP ISD                                                             B

LORENZO ISD                                                     B

LUBBOCK ISD                                                     B

LUBBOCK-COOPER ISD                                   B

MEADOWN ISD                                                 B

MORTON ISD                                                     C

MOTLEY COUNTY ISD                                      A

MULESHOE ISD                                                  B

NEW DEAL ISD                                                   B

NEW HOME ISD                                                A

O’DONNELL ISD                                                 B

OLTON ISD                                                          B

PADUCAH ISD                                                    B

PATTON SPRINGS ISD                                     B

PETERSBURG ISD                                              A

PLAINS ISD                                                          B

PLAINVIEW ISD                                                 B

POST ISD                                                              B

RALLS ISD                                                            B

RISE ACADEMY                                                  A

ROOSEVELT ISD                                                 B

ROPES ISD                                                           B

SANDS CISD                                                        A

SEAGRAVES ISD                                                C

SEMINOLE ISD                                                   B

SHALLOWATER ISD                                          A

SLATON ISD                                                        B

SMYER ISD                                                          B



SOUTHLAND ISD                                               B

SPRINGLAKE-EARTH ISD                                B

SPUR ISD                                                              B

SUDAN ISD                                                          A

SUNDOWN ISD                                                  A

TAHOKA ISD                                                       A

WELLMAN-UNION CISD                                A

WHITEFACE CISD                                              B

WHITHARRAL                                                     A

WILSON ISD                                                        D            

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