Texas Tech University on Tuesday released a Title IX report concerning a former professor who resigned when he was confronted with allegations of sexual misconduct. 

The report said, “From August 2012 to March 30, 2018, Duane Hill (Prof. Hill) was the Associate Director of Bands, the Director of Athletic Bands, and the camp director of TTU Band and Orchestra Camp.” 

Hill directed the Goin’ Band, the Court Jesters, and the Concert Band, according to the report.  A student came forward in January to complain about Hill communicating inappropriately through an app.  All of the students within the scope of the investigation were male. 

The report concluded that Hill on more than one occasion used social media to send videos or photos of himself engaged in a particular sexual act.

On one occasion, the report said Hill requested a student send him a nude photo and the student complied. The professor described, according to the report, what he wanted to do while looking at the nude photo. 

The report said there was a perception by some of the students that those who went along with Hill would get preferential treatment and better assignments.  The perception among some students was also failure to go along with Hill “might negatively affect their opportunities both in school and thereafter.”

“While these were perceptions voiced by a number of students, no evidence was presented to demonstrate that these perceptions went beyond conjecture,” the report said.

The report said it appears that grades and assignment were based on merit. 

The report said Hill had consensual encounters and/or relationships with students but also had non-consensual sexual communications with students.  The report said these non-consensual communications created a hostile environment and violated Texas Tech’s policy against sexual harassment.

Not all sexual relationships between Texas Tech professors and students are forbidden, but they are forbidden when it creates a conflict of interest or a potential abuse of power.

Among the conclusions of the report, “… His inappropriate communications and encounters created real conflicts of interest as well as the appearance of conflicts of interest.”

It said Hill violated Texas Tech’s operating procedure regarding sexual harassment.