LUBBOCK, Texas – A new student housing proposal has residents in Tech Terrace concerned for what traffic the apartment complex would bring to what they say is an already congested area.

The land, which is directly across Texas Tech University near Boston and 19th Street was recently purchased by a student housing company out of Chicago.

If the proposal follows through, several structures in the 2600 block of 19th street would be demolished. Those include the historic Godbold Cultural Center which ties in with the popular J-Café and the Lutheran Student Center.

The proposal is that a nearly 700 bed apartment complex along with a parking garage would replace the buildings.

Sheryl Gonzales, a nearby resident in Tech Terrace said she has some concerns with the proposal, as well as some of her neighbors. She explained that the idea of having a major apartment complex in the already crowded area could present some issues over on 20th Street, which is right behind Godbold and the Lutheran Student Center.

“There could be injuries and traffic accidents, because it’s just literally impossible to get out either way without there being traffic jams,” she explained. “You’re allowed to park on both sides. And so it is always a one way street. You have to wait for each other to pass.”

She then took to social media to express her concerns and started a petition which has been signed by others.

She explained, “People are walking their dogs, and there’s kids that actually still ride their bikes in the street… It’s going to be a traffic boondoggle for sure.”

Even though the plan would add a parking garage, she still believes the streets will be packed.

There will be a planning and zoning commission meeting this Thursday, September 1 at 6:00 p.m. over at Citizens Tower. People are welcome to come express any concerns for the project.