Know a super kid who could use a fun, inspiring activity that will help them be safer and healthier? Good news! The Safety Superhero kit is their ticket to a great adventure! Brought to you by Texas Mutual Insurance Company, this super-entertaining kit teaches kids about nutrition, fitness, health and safety through a series of hero-worthy challenges.

The Safety Superhero kit includes:

  • A super-fun activity book
  • Challenging games and projects
  • Superhero cape
  • A superhero eye mask to color

Each kit is a colorful, step-by-step guide that lets kids earn their “powers” by reaching the four levels of the superhero ladder. It’s a great way to keep them focused on learning. And best of all, the Safety Superhero Kit is fun for the whole family! You can team up with your hero to exercise, eat healthy and learn to work, play and live safe.

The Safety Superhero kit is available to kids ages 6 to 10 in the Lubbock area. Just fill out the form below to receive your kit in the mail!

(Information provided by Texas Mutual Insurance Company)