LUBBOCK, Texas — A press conference regarding claims of racism and harassment at the Slaton Independent School District was scheduled to take place on January 12 at 2:00 p.m. at the Mae Simmons Community Center, according to an announcement sent to

The press conference was set to feature Judge Morris Overstreet, Representative Ron Reynolds, Dr. Candice Matthews, Commissioner Rodney Ellis and Dr. Todd Yeary.

According to the announcement, the conference was sponsored by the Texas Legislative Black Caucus, the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats, the Rainbow PUSH Coalition and the New Black Panther Nation.

This came after Slaton ISD made national headlines over racism and harassment claims that were highlighted in complaints of civil rights violations at Lubbock-area schools.

The complaint stated, “a Black Jewish girl with a disability—on track to be valedictorian of her senior class—was [punished] for 45 days after being forced to defend herself against a white boy who repeatedly called her the “N word,” despite her and other students’ pleas for him to stop.”

Slaton ISD Thursday night announced the Board of Trustees passed a resolution “regarding the use of racial slurs, harassment, hate speech, or derogatory language.” The resolution stated that, “the Board of Trustees publicly condemns any acts of students or staff who might use racial slurs or harass or bully other students.”