LUBBOCK, Texas — The Texas Tech University Alumni Association celebrated its Founders Day with volunteering at Meals on Wheels to help reach their goal of 1 million hours of service by the end of 2023.

In 1923, Texas Governor Pat Neff signed a bill that would open Texas Technological College. 100 years later it would become Texas Tech University.

“It’s Founders Day for Texas Tech, so we as an alumni association, support the university and almost everything that we do, and so we thought that it would be great,” said Jennifer Ritz of the Texas Tech Alumni Association.

There are over 86 Texas Tech Alumni Association chapters nationwide. To date, current and former Red Raiders have volunteered 370,124 hours of community service.

“You know it’s really amazing. It can be anything from mentoring a student to donating to a food bank,” Molly Ramirez said.

The alumni association is asking everyone to log volunteer hours here, as it’s also a friendly competition.

Happy Birthday, Texas Tech University! Wreck ‘Em.