LUBBOCK, Texas — The U.S. Department of Education and the Texas Workforce Commission have awarded $1.8 million in funding to Texas Tech University and TTU K-12.

According to a press release from TTU and the Texas Tech Today website, the funds will establish a statewide distance education pilot program to help students complete their high school diploma or equivalent.

The one-year pilot program will provide free high school classes and GED test prep sessions for 1,000 students throughout Texas who want to complete their diploma or earn their GED, the press release said.

The grant targets people more than 21 years old who did not finish high school and will run through September 2023.

“This grant highlights our commitment to innovative education and providing access to a high school diploma to students wherever they might be,” said Scott Lucas, superintendent of TTU K-12 in the press release. “The TTU K-12 team is ready to assist interested individuals in completing their diploma or preparing for their GED test.”

TTU K-12 will provide tutoring services, support services and college/career readiness training for students involved in the program.

Through a partnership between Texas Tech, the Texas Workforce Commission and the Texas Education Agency, students in the program who want to sit for their GED will be given GED testing waivers, so the test is at little-to-no cost to them, the press release said.

For more information and to apply, you can visit the TTU K-12 website.