LUBBOCK, Texas – There is no doubt that Texas Tech has some talented athletes but one Red Raider in particular stood out for a potential spot on the US Olympic Bobsledding team. 

Denim Rogers has been a track and field athlete since he was 5 years old. He’s competed in several events all throughout his career but finds his passion competing in the decathlon, a combined event in track and field consisting of 10 different elements. 

So when Rogers got the call that Team USA was interested, he was just as shocked as everyone, “We’re in West Texas like how do you get into bobsled? and Texas for one and of all places West Texas?”

Roger’s stats as an athlete could be a nod as to how Team USA took an interest, “They are mainly interested in my speed and my hurdles and then my 100-meter times kind of attracted them and then also being a decathlete, decathletes are pretty mentally tough and they like that.”

With no experience in bobsledding, Rogers still decided to give it a chance. 

“I still have lots to learn and understand as far as the weights and how things work and loading into the sled and all that, but my speed translates over really well as far as pushing the sled down the ice,” said Rogers. 

On top of training for the Winter Olympics, Rogers has also been training to hopefully compete in the 2024 Summer Olympics as a Decathlete. 

 “We just had to change training a little bit, whatever he wants to do, whatever he thinks that he can be successful at or whatever his hopes and dreams are, that’s what we’ll work towards and we’ll do it together,” said Michael Hearston, Assistant Track and Field Coach at Texas Tech.

While Rogers has translated his track and field talents to bobsledding, he’s found difficulty in traveling for training while working full time.

“You can’t push a sled on ice in West Texas. The hardest is just getting there and then actually being able to train specifically for the bobsled,” said Rogers. 

Lake Placid, New York, and Park City, Utah are the only two locations these athletes are able to train in, but Rogers still hopes he can eventually bring home the Gold. 

“This is what I’ve wanted. Since I was five years old I wanted to be an Olympic athlete and as long as I have a chance of being a professional athlete and making the Olympics, you got to go for it,” said Rogers.

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