LUBBOCK, Texas — February 10 marks the 100th birthday for Texas Tech University, which means celebration events all year round. 

“This is going to be the first time anything like this has ever been done in Lubbock, so we certainly encourage everyone to come out,” said Blayne Beal, the Director of Centennial coordination at Texas Tech. 

Beal said the university will hold Founders’ Day events for students, faculty, and staff, as well as an illuminated light show which will be projected on the side of the Administration building, the first building on campus. 

“We’re having a big student event in our student union on Friday morning,” said Beal. “That afternoon, we’re going to have an event for our faculty and staff over at the Museum of Texas Tech, which has a yearlong centennial exhibit on display, and that evening, we’re going to celebrate with some of our alumni before the big centennial projection begins.” 

Beal said the ‘Centennial Illumination’ took months of planning, and special resources to pull it off. 

“For the last eight months, we have had a company that has been mapping the administration building, the very first building constructed on our campus,” Beal said. “When they arrive later this week, they’re going to be able to put a projection onto the facade of the building, so the entire building will be covered in video.”

The projected video will show Texas Tech moments from the past 100 years as well as famous alumni.

“It’s going to talk about our rich academic history, our athletics history, our pride, and our pageantry, and then showcase all the wonderful students that have come to school here, it’s really going to be an impactful moment,” Beal said. 

Current Texas Tech students said their experience during the centennial year has already been unique. 

“The celebration for Christmas was awesome, so I’m so excited to see this one. I’m really glad that I get to experience 100 years as a first-year student,” said Alexis Palmatier, a freshman at Texas Tech.

“The fact that I’m here to witness all these kinds of events, all these flight shows and all these things, it’s really special,” said Danny King, a sophomore at Texas Tech.

Beal said he hopes these events help red raiders create memories that’ll last a lifetime. 

“We think it’s just going to be really special to be something that all of our students know that while they’re here 20 years from now, 30 years from now, they will remember that they were here for Texas Tech’s 100th birthday,” Beal said. 

For more information on Centennial events as well as times to visit the light show, visit their website.