LUBBOCK, Texas – Alexander Onischuk is a Texas Tech chess coach from Crimea, Ukraine. Onischuk felt  helpless watching the war in Ukraine unfold from Lubbock.

“It’s heartbreaking. It’s hard to get used to it,” said Onischuk.

So Onischuk left his home in Lubbock to travel over 6,000 miles overseas to help provide aid. 

“I have lots of relatives that still live in Ukraine and so it’s kind of a logical decision, right? To go to Ukraine at this point and to Eastern Europe and to help people in Ukraine,” said Onischuk.

Onischuk is currently in Bucharest, Romania volunteering with the Peace Manifest Ukrainian Charitable Foundation.

“Today we were volunteering here in this warehouse and packing some boxes,” said Onischuk.

The boxes Onischuk packs carry supplies that will be shipped to the southern part of Ukraine. 

“We do actually distribute some humanitarian aid from our organization for small villages who are in need from the war,” said Inna Bilous, head of the Peace Manifest Ukrainian Charitable Foundation.

Onischuk plans to stay overseas for the next three weeks, eventually making his way to Poland. 

“I feel better being here. It’s a different feeling,” said Onischuk. 

Onischuk hopes that he is able to make a difference no matter where his location is. 

“I’m seeing people and talking to them and talking to refugees and it feels better and I can be part of it, I can do something to help them,” said Onischuk.

Onischuk is currently collecting donations that will go directly to his volunteer work helping Ukraine, you can donate to his Gofundme here. 

To help the Peace Manifest Ukrainian Charitable Foundation in their efforts to aid Ukraine during the war, click here.