LUBBOCK, Texas — Logan Winkelman, Ph.D., an assistant professor and program director in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, is using her background to help those starting a new job or internship to feel more confident.

“Something I recommend is continually being adaptable and eager to learn new things,”
Dr. Winkelman said.

Dr. Winkelman also emphasized the importance of seeking out relationships in the workplace.

“People don’t leave jobs for jobs; they leave jobs because of people. People can make or
break the workforce and the fulfillment they get from the job,” Dr. Winkelman said.

The press release said welcoming employees is a good start, but the culture of a workplace plays an even bigger role when it comes to making employees feel accepted long-term.

“We need to think about fostering good workplace culture,” Winkelman said. “Are we
building trust and are we leaning on our values? Day-to-day tasks are enforced through
that behavior,” Dr. Winkelman said.

Winkelman also shared tips to remind people to leave work and work and focus on themselves.

“The final [tip] is to set boundaries. The way we can do that is creating a work-life balance, setting boundaries around your schedule and responsibilities first,” Dr. Winkelman said.