LUBBOCK Texas – Former Texas Tech University student Carla Valpeoz is still missing after she vacationed in Peru three years ago. Her family is still trying to work with law enforcement to solve her case.

Carlos Valpeoz Jr., Carla’s brother, said his sister had a degenerative eye condition that would eventually lead to blindness but said she never let it stop her from traveling to learn about different cultures.

“My family and I believe that it was her goal to see as much an experience as much of the world as possible before her world eventually went dark,” said Carlos Jr., “It was one of her lifelong goals to visit Machu Picchu.”

Carlos Jr. said after his sister went missing on December 12, 2018, his family tried working with Peruvian law enforcement but that they haven’t been as cooperative as they had hoped.

“My father and I have provided tons and tons of information, valuable information to the police that has yet to be fully investigated,” said Carlos Jr., “”We, we believe without a doubt, that my sister was murdered [and] been very hard for my family and I to prove that line of thinking with the police in Peru.”

Carla’s father Carlos Valpeoz Sr. said he moved to Peru in 2019 and stayed three months into 2020 before the pandemic forced him to leave the region.

“I was there fighting with the DA over there, down there and patrolling with the authorities, the police, the metro police to be able to file that case as a criminal, as a homicide against my daughter,” said Carlos Sr.

With the classification change in place, the family said the FBI can and should open a case to help find out what happened to Carla.

“The United States government does not have the jurisdiction to openly investigate within the country of Peru,” said Carlos Jr. “We believe that the FBI owes it to Carla, owes it to an American citizen, a devoted American citizen, to open an international cooperation case.”

Carlos Sr. said this entire situation has been rough on the family and hopes others will take precautions so it does not happen to them.

“Right now my hands are tied, but I just want to tell people that if your daughter or your son are traveling overseas this year, [make sure] they’re safe. Be sure they’re not alone,” said Carlos Sr. “Be sure that they they go to places where there’s no problems.