LUBBOCK, Texas– This week Texas Tech hosted the 14th Americas Conference on Wind Engineering. The event brought in some of the most brilliant minds in Atmospheric science from all over the globe. 

Texas Tech’s Professor of Atmospheric Science John Schroeder, Ph.D. said the conference included professionals from across different fields in an effort to expand the field of research. 

“You have to have a meeting of the minds to sort of get together and understand what each other is doing or how you can collaborate where you can partner,” Schroeder said. 

Texas Tech’s Environmental & Construction Engineering Professor Delong Zuo, Ph. D. said The TTU Wind institute is one of the leading wind research institutions in the world. The Wind institute recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. Zuo said that hosting the event is a tribute to its recognition in the field. 

“We have 50 years of history of doing wind related research,” Zuo said. “We’re one of the premier institutions here in the whole world, so it’s very, very, very good for people to come here. It tells us how important we are as an institution in this community.” 

Zuoalso said that it is a priority to partner with other fields of research and expertise in order to address some of the bigger issues and challenges of today like energy sources. 

“Science has advanced, so we can predict tornadoes so much better,” Zuo said, “but we still have false alarms sometimes. So, some people don’t pay too much attention to the warnings or predictions… So, how do we solve this problem? We get behavior scientists, some social scientists to try to see how we can deliver the tornado warning in a better way. So, we try to as engineers to work with those people to try to integrate all the great minds together to try to solve the problem.”