LUBBOCK, Texas— With another sold-out Texas Tech football game against Tarleton State on Saturday, the Texas Tech Police Department warned fans to drink responsibly after a handful of arrests were made for public intoxication.

“I believe we had a total of six arrests for the evening, several of those were for public intoxication,” said Tech PD Captain, Amy Ivey.

According to the Tech PD crime logs, this year’s number of arrests was cut in half compared to last year’s arrests during the home opener against Murray State.

Captain Ivey said those who are of age to drink, need to do so responsibly.

“Follow the laws, don’t get so intoxicated to where you’re causing issues, you’re passed out, you’re getting into fights because that’s when the officers respond or get called to those areas,” Captain Ivey said.

Captain Ivey said officers make the final call on who may need to be taken in and who can be released to a sober party.

“The individual has to be intoxicated where they’re a danger to themselves or others,” Captain Ivey said. “They will place him under arrest, we do have a processing station on campus where their officers will take them over there, they will get processed in, booked in, and then they will be transported to the Lubbock County jail by the local sheriff’s office.”

Arrests for public intoxication will result in a Class C misdemeanor, which Captain Ivey said falls in the hands of a judge.

“It’s something that they’ll be able to handle outside of the jail when they go to court and go in front of the judge to see if they want to have it dismissed,” Captain Ivey said.

Captain Ivey also reminded everyone to plan their rides home ahead of time. Uber and Lyft rides are allowed on campus and near the stadium before, during, and after the games. Captain Ivey encourages fans to utilize them if they plan on drinking.