Texas Tech responds to Texas A&M ban of e-cigarettes

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LUBBOCK, Texas — On Wednesday, Texas Tech University responded to the Texas A&M announcement that they would be banning e-cigarette use on their campuses.

Texas A&M Chancellor John Sharp made the announcement on Tuesday.

“Until we figure out what’s going on, we’re simply not going to have them,” Sharp said.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports there have been more than 800 instances of lung injury related to e-cigarette use, as well as 12 deaths.

“When we something from the CDC that says, hey there’s a mysterious lung disease that’s being developed,” Sharp said. “That option is no longer available. Wipe it out, system wide until at least the CDC figures out what this mysterious lung disease is.”

Chris Cook, director of communications and marketing at Texas Tech, said the school does have some restrictions in place for smoking and e-cigarette use.

“Outside of our building a doorways is not permitted,” Cook said. “Some of our LEED certified, sustainable buildings, is not permitted within 25 feet.”

Cook said there are no plans that he knew of to impose new rules regarding e-cigarette use.

“There are some restrictions but for the most part, for those who smoke, and those who use e-cigarettes, there are spaces for them to do so,” Cook said.

Students at Texas Tech had mixed opinions regarding using e-cigarettes on campus.

Derek Luna said although he thinks e-cigarettes are a health hazard, it would be difficult to enforce a ban.

“I think there would be a lot of resistance to it initially,” Luna said.

Maria Garcia said she thinks there should be a ban.

“I personally think it is a good move for the sake of students who use it, as well as the sake of the students health around them,” Garcia said.

DJ Olabode said he doesn’t mind if people use e-cigarettes, so long as it doesn’t affect his studies.

“People have their rights to do anything, except the dude that sits next to me and vapes in class while I’m taking a test,” Olabade said.

For a list of restrictions regarding smoking and e-cigarette use, visit theTexas Tech University Operation Policies and Procedures website.

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