Texas Tech review of softball program includes reports of racially insensitive incidents

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LUBBOCK, Texas — During an overall review of the Texas Tech University softball program, reviewers found there were two confirmed racially insensitive incidents that took place during the 2018-19 softball season, which involved the same student-athlete. This was according to a release by Texas Tech Wednesday that included the findings of the review.

One of the incidents involved two student-athletes, one White and the other Black. According to the report, the incident took place while student-athletes waited for batting practice.

The Black student-athlete was told by a coach to move ahead in the line, so she could go work on a different skill after hitting. The White student-athlete then told the Black student-athlete, “Get to the back of the line Rosa [Parks].”

During a student-athlete-only meeting, the White student-athlete apologized to the team for the comment.

But, according to the program review, most of the current student-athletes interviewed and all the Black student-athletes, former and current, interviewed said they believed the apology seemed forced and lacked genuineness.

The review stated that student-athletes believed that the actions taken by the head coach, Adrian Gregory, did not appropriately address the incident.

The other racially insensitive incident revolved around how the same Black student-athlete wore her hair during a game.

There were also three reported grabbing incidents. One of which resulted in the bruising of an assistant coaches’ arm during the 2018-19 season. According to the review, one student-athlete stated that she saw the incident but thought the head coach grabbed the assistant coach’s arm to get her attention and did not intend to harm.

According to the report, another incident involved a student-athlete who said she was grabbed on the arm by Gregory and said she felt “belittled.” However, she did not believe Gregory meant to hurt her, and she said she did not experience any pain or physical injury.

According to the review, 29 individuals were interviewed as part of the review process, and many of those interviewed acknowledged that student-athletes were assigned weekly cleaning tasks around the softball facilities to make sure they were presentable.

The cleaning tasks were referred to as “Cinderella chores,” and while none of those interviewed seemed troubled by the cleaning, some said they did not appreciate the name, according to the program review.

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