LUBBOCK, Texas — Texas Tech University Student Housing said campus dorms are at capacity amid another expected spike in enrollment.

The university sent out an email to a group of students expecting to return to on-campus housing this week, explaining they are willing to offer a $2,000 scholarship to those who can find off-campus housing. The university’s priority is to provide first-year students the opportunity to live on-campus.

If [current students] would like to move out of the residence hall, then we are providing a financial incentive to help them with that,” Vice President for Enrollment Management Jamie Hansard said. “That way we free up enough space to ensure our new incoming freshmen will be able to reside on campus.”

Approximately 150 students hoping to return to on-campus housing received this email this week.

It is unclear how effective this strategy has been or whether it will continue. Sean Duggan, director of University Student Housing, says only two students have responded as of Wednesday. The email was sent to approximately 150 students.

Duggan reported that the university has approximately 8,200 beds available on campus. Out of those, 100 of those are designated as temporary beds. Since there are more than 8,200 students interested in living on campus this year, the university is resorting to temporary housing options to accomodate as many students as possible. In addition to the scholarship option, the university is also considering bunking certain students in student staff members’ dorms.

Some parents expressed frustration this week when they received emails notifying their student that more students will be assigned to their dorms.

One parent, who wished to remain anonymous, explained that her daughter is assigned to live with three other students in a dorm originally intended for two people.

Some freshmen received this email informing them of additional roommates.

“We are beyond frustrated and stressed about not one but two more girls stuck in her room. We were told just over two weeks before our move in date,” she said. “This has been a devastating blow to our excitement of freshman year and dorm life.”

Texas Tech says these changes are only temporary, and they are offering students with extra roommates $50 per week until they are returned to their original arrangement.

“We have a lot of folks that want to be Red Raiders. We have a lot of folks that want to live on campus,” Hansard said. “We are working with students as quickly as possible to find them available rooms.”

Students begin moving into to dorms on August 14.