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LUBBOCK, Texas — A group of students and faculty, along with members of the community have started printing 3D face shields to help health care providers in Lubbock and surrounding areas.

Bryson Seekins, a masters student at Texas Tech studying biotechnology was scrolling through an online forum when he found the files to create 3D face shields.

“I got involved with this project sitting at home looking at Reddit,” Seekins said.

He asked some local nurses if they needed help with anything, and if they would be interested in receiving donations.

“They expressed an interest in having those supplies as soon as possible,” Seekins said.

Seekins said he immediately got to work, emailing as many people as he could to help with the project.

“I started by talking with the Library Makerspace because I knew he had a lot of 3D printers available, and then I got put in touch with the Honors College and was able to work from there,” Seekins said.

Each mask takes about two hours to print, but the group has already produced more than 100 masks.

The masks contain two pieces made of plastic located at the top and bottom. The group receives a clear piece, sourced from Texas Tech, that attaches to the two plastic pieces.

“Those [plastic pieces] were printed on 3D printers and so those use 3D printer filament,” Seekins said.

The group needs as many of the 3D printed pieces as possible.

Seekins said the group has grown substantially within a short period of time. On Sunday, the project started with approximately eight people, but now has grown to more than 100.

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Simon Williams, PhD, said the project has also spanned throughout different departments all across Texas Tech. The group is trying to focus on four major projects–shields, masks, splitters for ventilators, and even ventilators.

Williams added they are also trying to take the products to rural communities, and some aviators have offered to deliver.

“It’s a big community effort,” Williams said.

To help, contact Bryson at brysonseekins@gmail.com

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