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LUBBOCK, Texas — After Rice University cancelled classes and labs for the week, and Texas A&M announced school would be cancelled the first two days after spring break due to Coronavirus, EverythingLubbock.com reached out to Texas Tech University on Wednesday to find out if there would be any cancellations following spring break. At this time, the university reports no decision has been made.

Amiri Edwards, a Texas Tech student from Houston, said he is planning to head back home for spring break.

“Family members back home are telling us how it’s getting kind of crazy back home, so I’m a little bit concerned,” Edwards said.

When asked if Texas Tech should cancel classes, student Joseph Delrosario said as an extra precaution, it could be a good idea.

“I think that there hasn’t been any confirmed cases here in Lubbock or anything like that so there shouldn’t be any kind of like measures to affect school or anything,” Delrosario said.

Aidan Salzman, also a Texas Tech student, said campus health is important, and should be a priority.

“If they were able to organize a setup like that where we could stay at home, stay safe and not spread the disease around campus, I think that would be the ideal scenario,” Salzman said. “At the end of the day what’s most important is protecting the students and the faculty and staff of our university, and it’s not just about getting a few days off from school.”

The students also said they are paying attention to their own health habits.

“I minimize handshakes, or if I were to like dap up somebody–just be like ‘hey what’s up man’,” Delrosario said.

Texas Tech has imposed international travel restrictions on students and faculty until April 30th.

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