LUBBOCK, Texas – The Red Raiders kicked off their spring semester last week among the rise of recent COVID spikes. Texas Tech University decided to offer hybrid options, but for the most part, resumed in-person learning.

Many students said they prefer to stay away from virtual learning, not all of them feel the safest being back in person.

“I have no concerns, and I feel like classes should continue to be in person–whether with masks or without masks–because online learning is not it,” John Yarborough.

On the other hand, Texas Tech Student Ahsan Hamani said he had some reservations about getting back into the classroom during the pandemic.

“Originally, I didn’t think it was the safest way to go because of all the COVID going around. But I think it’s just something we have to get used to because COVID is gonna be around for a long time, and we just have to adjust our lifestyle to be able to live with it and still go to school,” Hamani said.

Hamani isn’t the only Texas Tech student wondering about staying safe.

Felix Rigole, another Texas Tech student, said he’s concerned with the way others take their own precautions.

“I guess it depends on how people treat themselves,” Rigole said, “and taking care of themselves is the only concern. Since sometimes people will come and mess everyone else up but, if you will just stay home when they need to, or if they feel like they need to then we should be all good.”

While students reported mixed opinions on whether being back on campus was the safest move for the university, the most popular opinion for these students was that in-person gives them a better sense of security for their education.

“It feels good since it feels more organized being in person. Since classes don’t feel as chaotic being fully online where they can just randomly close. Having an organized schedule just feels nice being in person,” Rigole.