LUBBOCK, Texas – The Texas Tech School of Veterinary Medicine, which welcomed its first class of students in August 2021, has celebrated it’s inaugural semester.

“We had a wonderful semester,” said Guy Loneragan, Dean of the TTU Vet School. “It exceeded all expectations.”

Loneragan said the $90 million facility in Amarillo is “substantially completed” with interactive classrooms, state-of-the-art- laboratories, and a first-class operating room where students will learn to perform surgeries on various animals.

“As freshmen, these students are seniors and as sophomores, they’ll be seniors,” said Loneragan. “They’re a senior class with no one who has forged the path in front of them.”

Dylan Bostick, who’s one of the 64 “Raider Vets”, said the class had to complete 21 hours of course work.

“It took me a couple rounds of test to get back into the test-taking and remembering how to study but it was a good semester,” said Bostick.

Loneragan said this first group of students were enrolled in classes that covered topics such as anatomy, physiology, and microbiology.

“Next semester, we’re going to have small and large animal groups so we can be with people that we have more interests with and do things outside of school with,” said Bostick.

Prospective students for the class of 2026 are being interviewed this month and those that are admitted will begin classes in August.

“We’re part of a really fantastic and supportive community that will do anything to help us succeed,” said Loneragan. “It’s really been a dream come true.”